Nine Wild Tales Chili Liqueur

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Distilled by Mark Lloyd, this is one liqueur that packs a punch.


Chilis in China are ubiquitous. So much so, that Chinese cuisine is almost unimaginable without chili peppers. Across the length and breadth of China, you find chiles in all forms; fresh, dried, pickled, chili pastes and chili oils.

You'd be forgiven to think that Chilis originate in the middle Kingdom. Chilis are in the fact a New World fruit, and were bought from the Americas to trading strongholds in South East Asia by Portuguese and Dutch navigators. They then made their way to China, by way of local sailors who initially valued them for their beauty. It would be another 50 years before the chili pepper would begin to permeate local cuisine.

Cut to today, chilis are inescapable in Chinese cooking. With 9 locally sourced chili peppers, Nine Wild Tales celebrates the rich history of this humble fruit, which took over the world.

28% ABV

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Size 750ml
Country of Origin China