Masahiro Okinawa Japanese Craft Gin

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Masahiro Distillery was founded in 1883 by Shobun Higa. His father – Shozoku Higa (the master chef for Ryuku Kingdom) had an established reputation in Ryuku Kingdom and he was awarded with the license for Awamori (rice spirits).

Shozoku’s passion for cuisines is still alive and Masahiro Distillery is famous for its production techniques, prominent qualities, and passion for innovation over 140 years.


Okinawa is a southern island between 2 oceans which is covered with mineral-rich soils. From a historical perspective, Okinawa was the cultural intersection in East Asia, which resulted in Okinawa's richness in farm products.

In this context, Masahiro combined juniper berries with five botanicals which express Okinawa's terroir in a bottle.

Masahiro Okinawa Craft Gin
Aroma | Citrus aroma with freshness originally from a Japanese traditional spirits – rice spirits.
Taste | Feel freshness in a mouth due to its citrus and southern botanicals originally from Okinawa
Finish | Flavor lasts long after finishing a glass while you feel southern in a mouth

47% ABV

Additional Information

Size 700ml
Country of Origin Japan