Florita Italian Pot Still Gin

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Florita Gin’s recipe contains 15 botanical herbs, among them Hops, Oregano and Bay Leaves which are distilled using the ancient technique of cold distillation. Angelica, Chamomile, Rosemary and Rosehip are added, using only herbs growing naturally in the Alps.


Juniper berries are infused at room temperature for ten days before the distillation takes place, in two 100 litre copper stills. All the botanicals are distilled at the same time following the procedures of “London Dry Gin”.

Then the raw distilled gin is gently filtered (no cold filtration) in order to enhance its personality, then fresh spring water from the Venetian hills is added in order to reach the best equilibrium in taste. Well balanced and fresh this Italian Pot still Gin has a refined bouquet of Mediterranean herbs and fruits, reminiscent of juniper and mint with a pleasant citrus note.

The aroma is smooth and enduring whilst the herbs are balanced by the freshness of the Lemons as well as the Orange. This gin is free of sugar, thus creating a dry aromatic taste. In our opinion, it goes well in every gin based cocktail. The gin and tonic are extremely refreshing and satisfying, with a gentle bitterness in the end.

40.3% ABV

1 Liter

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Size 1L
Country of Origin Italy