12 bottles of Highlite Sparkling Mate Tea

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Highlite is a premium sparkling beverage based on Yerba-Maté tea, contains zero calories and a refreshing dose of caffeine


Mate is a South American herbal infusion; a type of tea typically grown in the tropical northern part of Argentina. The herb contains an amount of caffeine comparable to coffee and is part of Argentina’s lifestyle. Mate is present in every household, as people drink more than 100 liters of the bitter, dried-herb flavored drink every year, way above tea and coffee.

Daniel de Smeth, the founder of Highlight Tea, made a sparkling version of mate and wants to revolutionize China’s newfound love for caffeinated drinks with the South American herb. Highlite is crafting it's own niche in China. It doesn’t quite fit the tea market because it’s not actually tea, nor the coffee market despite its caffeine levels. Mate is entering China by emphasizing its key advantages: the health benefits and the pleasurable warming properties of the herb.

Additional Information

Size 330ml
Bottles/cans per case 12
Country of Origin Australia