瑞格尔侯爵酒园 XR 里奥哈珍藏红葡萄酒


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Marqués de Riscal is one of Rioja's oldest and most famous wine estates. It makes a range of traditional-style Rioja wines made predominantly from Tempranillo, as well as a white wine from Rueda.


At Marqués de Riscal, there used to be “winemaker’s wines” among its Historic Reservas, like the Reserva Medoc and the XR, which never became commercial names. In the tradition of the Bordeaux cellar masters, the oenologist marked some of the barrels in chalk with the letters XR as a consequence of having found special characteristics which were not present in others. This XR was never marketed as such but was always a reference point for the master winemaker. This custom lasted almost a century, between the harvests of 1869 and 1964.

XR 2015, its first vintage, pays tribute to all the master winemakers who, from Jean Pineau to today, have helped to forge a part of the greatest history of Spanish wine in Marqués de Riscal.

Variety used: Tempranillo 95%, Graciano 5%

14.3% ABV


大小 750ml
酿酒 2016
原产地 Spain