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Domaine de l’Herré is located at the heart of the Gascony, at the foot of the Pyrenees on the historical terroir of Bas Armagnac.

The Gascony microclimate, the fawn sandy soils and the constant quest for excellence by the l’Herré team, all together, result in wines of exceptional aromatic power.


South West France - France

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONS: To maintain aromas, the grapes are harvested early in the morning and immediately taken to the state-of-theart Inertys press to reduce risk of oxidation during the delicate pressing phase. After cold stabilisation and removal of heavy organic matter, the wines ferment slowly and gently at 16°C.

Maturing on lees and agitation of fine sediment.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Gros Manseng
COLOUR: Intense gold
NOSE: Intense with great aromatic richness : pineapple, musk, mango, pear, yellow peach.
PALATE: Fresh and smooth in the mouth which reveals sweetness perfectly balanced by acidity, with a lingering finish.

11% ABV


大小 750ml
酿酒 2021
葡萄品种 100% Gros Manseng
原产地 France