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Named after “Professor” Jerry Thomas, an iconic 19th century bartender and cocktail pioneer, Vermouth del Professore is produced by a collaboration between the gourmet Federico Ricatto, the historic producer Carlos Quaglia and the passionate Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome. A traditionally crafted product inspired by an ancient Piedmont recipe, the ingredients are the perfect aperitif according to Italian style.

Del Professore Vermouth is one of few types of vermouth on the market made solely from wine and ingredients produced in-house. Quaglia insists that this ensures the intensity and authenticity of the aromas within the vermouth, as they oversee the whole process from grape and herbs to the finished product


A fine vermouth, every bit as good for sipping as it is for cocktails! 15 Alpine botanicals from the hills around Turin produce a balance of herbaceous bitter notes and sweet spice and citrus.

Tasting notes

The luxurious amber colour of the Vermouth Classico Tradizionale is reminiscent of Marsala and the aromas on the nose fluctuate between hints of the liquorice and bitterness in absinthe, dried straw, mahogany and tea infusions. The medicinal quality in the flavour of the alcohol and its continual underlying bitterness manages to keep in balance with the refreshing flavours of herbs and spices, and is complemented by sweeter notes of ginger and citrus peel, making the Vermouth both slightly bitter and slightly sweet.

18% ABV


大小 750ml
原产地 Italy