6 bottles of Side Hustle Summer Haze Tropical IPA


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Side Hustle is a premium craft brewing company based and brewed in Shanghai. Started in 2020 with a passion for high quality beer and home brewing, Side Hustle is committed to bring the finest quality craft beer to the customers. John and Mike have spent countless hours brewing at home using premium malts, hops, yeast and brewing techniques to create the foundation. What started as a hobby has grown into a full scale brewing company with the same attention to quality and craftsmanship.


鹅岛印度淡色艾尔(IPA),获得六次美国啤酒大奖,是迄今为止IPA组获 奖记录保持者。传承了经典英式IPA风格,酒花香气芬芳悠长,酒体清 爽,回味圆润平衡。既是入门级精品,也深受老饕欣赏。


大小 330ml x 6
瓶数/每箱 6
原产地 China